Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Post Holiday Blues - It's Real

Did you have a wonderful Christmas?  But are now feeling  blue and finding it difficult to function normally in your daily routine?  It is not only during the holidays that sadness or depression can increase. After the holidays, many people feel a letdown.

Symptoms of holiday letdown include:

  1. Fatigue from overextending ourselves, hectic schedules
  1. Loneliness from the sudden emptiness when family friends have all gone home
  1. Sadness when life returns to normal drudge
  1. Reduced motivation since the energy of the season has disappeared
It is not hopeless! After the holidays we can:

  1. Prolong the joy. Bring the positive feelings and uplifting mood into the new year. Plan a party or get-together. Throw a Super Bowl Party or Valentine dinner.
  2. Continue the gift giving. Pay-it-forward during your daily life. Give the gift of time to an elderly neighbor, offer to babysit for a young parent, serve food at a local shelter.
  3. Embrace the winter. Even though you may want to stay indoors out of the winter weather, you can find activities to tackle that you won't want to do when the weather improves in the Spring and summer. Clean your garage or closets. Organize drawers.
  4. Enjoy your inside time. Treat yourself to a movie binge. Catch up on your reading. Choose activities that meet your interests.
  5. Eat away blues. Choose foods that boost serotonin – the feel good neurotransmitter - such as bananas, poultry, dairy produce and peas.
  6. Put Christmas away. Pack up the Christmas tree and decorations, before you go back to work. Leaving them up is a constant reminder of things that need to be done.
Please contact a provider if you need help with controlling the holiday blues.

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